B i o g r a p h y

​"Whoa!  There's a whole lot of Talent in this band!"

      "Was that even you? I thought it was the DJ?"

                     "Holy Cow!!! The Harmonies!!"

Everyone is talking about the Hot Dance/Rock band making the rounds around the St. Louis and Illinois area. 

Champagne Fixx consists of  four professional musicians who offer a popular variety of music guaranteed to keep you entertained. Their stage presence and their high energy performance make you feel like you're at a live concert. Everyone has sang lead in previous bands and can harmonize, so the voices are 100% real!
This band was formed in 2008 and has consistently been keeping people excited for more! 

Champagne Fixx is not just going to entertain you with great music but we will come and shake your hand.

We are the get your dance shoes on, get your drink on type of band that will keep you staying on the dance floor!.

Come find out what the fuss is about and get your Fixx!


Band Members:

Anne Kalaher: Female lead/harmonies.
This Bilingual French Canadian has been singing professionally for over 15 years. She knows how to take the stage and give a great performance!
 She sees you and sings right to you! This ball of fire can sing, rap and harmonize and has a 4 Octave vocal range.
Anne can sing pretty much anything thrown at her.  All the songs are sang in the correct key and she can hit every note... From Guns and Roses and Johnny Cash, Whitney Houston, Heart and Evanescense, Bruno Mars and Nicki Menaj! 

Danny Kalaher -Male lead vocals Lead guitar/harmonies

 Danny has been a professional musician for over 20 yrs. Playing professionally since he was 14 yrs old, he is extremely skilled. His voice ranges from Daughtry to Journey and his vocal harmonies are unmatched.

Danny has opened up for many national acts across the nation. Graced the stage in Cancun at the Hard Rock Casino multiple times. Performed with contestants of The Voice, American Idol and Nashville Star..
Lived in Nashville and recorded a CD that was being sold across the seas.
 His rocking stage presence is captivating and he keeps surprising you with talents. 

Ian Daugherty-Bass/vocals

Ian is as solid as a bass player can be.
This Gem began touring at the age of 18.
By the age of 21, he had already toured most of the United States and Canada. 
He also traveled and performed as far as China.
He was a Touring/ Session bassist in Nashville for many years as well as a singer/songwriter.
Also published in a few CD's and music media,
Graced the stage playing bass for contestants on the X-Factor and American Idol. And has performed and opened for National acts in Nashville, Los Angeles and St. Louis,
He really is an amazing performer and being a singer himself, he adds that magic to our sound.
Derreck THE MUSICAL BEAST- Drums/Vocals
Talented drummer, guitar player, singer and entertainer.
First started playing drums at the age of 2.
Coming from a musical family, he sat behind the drums performing on stage since the age of 8.
At 12, he picked up the art of playing guitar. 
At 14, he performed on stage as lead guitar and was the lead singer for many years.
In 2014, he played lead guitar and opened up for National acts such as Elvin Bishop, Wishbone Ash and Savory Brown.
This multi talented young guy has returned to the drums and has been an animal behind the drums.
Kind of like a monkey, never know if he's throwing something or standing up lol
He really is a breath of fresh air and because of his vocal abilities, adds that harmony that is as sweet as honey!  He also can rap which has added an extra element that makes us so versatile.




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